Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exposing myself is hard work

by Joe Moore

There are more places to expose yourself on the Internet than you can possibly keep up with. For me, it started a long time ago with a website, then another, then a blog, then another, and on and on. Sometimes it feels like a full-time job just to maintain and update all the blogs, forum profiles, and social networking sites where I have my profile and book news posted.

Most are available for public viewing while some are for those who register first. But when a news item or piece of info needs to be added such as a book launch or a signing, it can take hours just to update them all.

Did I change my Facebook status today? Did I post the newest version of the book trailer on YouTube?

Here’s a partial list of where I've exposed myself. As you can see, it can quickly get out of hand.

Kill Zone
Amazon Blog
Personal Website
Book Website
Thriller Website
Mystery Writers of America
Live Journal
Linked In (members only)

How many places do you expose yourself? Is it worth the time needed to keep everything updated? Do these sites generate books sales or just more busy work? Shouldn’t we all be writing rather than posting or updating or checking or commenting or . . .


  1. One of the best bits of advice I ever got came from my first editor, who said, "Never let being a writer get in the way of actually writing." I think it's an interesting point.

    I have a website, and a Facebook account, plus this blog, and that's about it for me in cyberspace. I personally think that diminishing returs arrive pretty quickly. I much prefer to attend conferences and parties where I can make personal contact with readers. Hell, I like personal contact in general.

  2. "Never let being a writer get in the way of actually writing."

    That's great advice, John. It's so easy to get distracted from primary job as writers.

  3. I like to post and visit web-facing places, because it lets me "go" places without having to move my lazy *ss. It can cut into writing time, though. That's why I tend to disappear from the cybersphere when it gets close to a deadline...

  4. p.s. Joe, as if you don't have enough to update, have you tried Twitter? Evidently it's the hot new networking thing, but I can't really figure it out, yet. Maybe Michelle can 'splain it to me? She's got tons of Twitter-followers!

  5. Thanks for the Twitter tip, Kathryn. I definitely have 5-6 minutes a day I can devote to Twitter. :-)