Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Carol

What really popped out about this book video for me is this:

" author found himself deep in debt, and wrote this story in six weeks."

A Christmas Carol, indeed!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Hm, that Dickens fellow may break out someday.

    Isn't it amazing what "legs" this story has? Virtually every incarnation of it -- from Alistair Sim (the all time champ) to Mr. Magoo -- packs the same wallop. Because it's about the reclamation of a human being and the triumph of the "better angels" of his nature.

  2. Write a classic in 6 weeks. Now there's a New Year's resolution.

  3. Six weeks! I know, that's my New Year's resolution too, Joe! Jim, let's hope that all of society's better angels reign this Christmas season.