Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Apple

I'm off to New York today to attend a friend's 10th wedding anniversary party and to see my agent. I'll be back online (I hope) next week. In the meantime, any pearls of wisdom (?) - I am saying 'a few words' at the anniversary/renewal of vows ceremony and hope not to sound too soppy, sentimental or dull. Any advice??


  1. Interesting article ! thanks a for sharing!

  2. In today's age of many divorces, it's almost a miracle when a couple stays together. Celebrate their steadfast love and loyalty with a toast from the heart.

  3. They've made it twice as far as 50% of those who try. Definitely worth celebrating. And talk forward to the days when they will be 90 years old and still holding hands. Give them a picture of the future together, one that is blessed and beautiful.

    I love being married

  4. "Ladies and gentlemen, marriage is an institution. And love is blind. Therefore, marriage is an institution for the blind. I thank you."

  5. funny!

    By the way, has anyone else noticed those spam emails like the one above from "essay" ... I hate those things! If they had good grammar or were at least on topic it wouldn't be so bad. I've been deleting 20+ every day from my own website and am wondering if these are just email-bots or some person in Nairobi or Russia. The one from Essay just goes to an essay writing site, ie cheating in college for fun & profit."

    rant over...

  6. I actually thought essay was a person being sardonic because it was such a brief blog post.

    Then I clicked the link and realized it was spam. But if you like satire, come on, it was pretty felicitous!

  7. So, Clare, what will you say to your agent?
    I'm a 23 yr veteran of marriage, and I love that about us, but I can't seem to get my agent to talk to me about my novel(s).

    What's up with that?

    When you see your agent, what will the discussion consist of?

    Will you talk marketing? New ideas? Revisions of works in progress? E-pub ~vs~ paper printing?

    What will those conversations be like?

    What do you hope to gain from that part of your trip?


  8. Paula, will update re: agent chat next week, only took me the equivalent of a day and a half of flying to get I have to get over the jet lag! Thanks everyone for some handy advice:)